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"Yumega Plus was recommended to me as Paddy had very itchy skin. We had tried everything from vets to complementary approaches. Yumega Plus has really helped him so I now use it every day. I can really recommend this product"

Rona Whiteway

Amazing effect


""Lots of people have remarked on the healthy condition of all my dog's coats, but most amazing effect of Yumega Plus is on my 13 year old Collie. All her life she has suffered from what has been described as 'Collie Nose' - painfully dry and cracked with a permanent split on one nostril which made her extremely sensitive. Her nose is now soft and normal - the split has completely healed with just a slight mark to show where the split was.""

Pam Fagg

A very happy, non-itchy girl


"Bess has been an itchy girl since we had her. She was put on steroids by the vet, which really helped, but she became a bit of a zombie so we took her off them and sadly back came the itch. Since being on Yumega Plus she has become a very happy, non-itchy girl."

Mrs V A Gabb

The vet was impressed


"The main beneficiaries of Yumega Plus are Josephine and Gladys. Josie has skin problems, but with the help of Yumega Plus has reduce her steroid tablets from 1 a day to 1/2 every other day. Also her hair loss has all grown back. The vet was impressed."

Mrs M Hirt

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